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A better way to manage
your Amazon business.

Generate greater results with a smaller team using our
software and expert service.
- Built by former Amazon employees -
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We’ve been with D8aDriven for 5 years now and we can’t even imagine managing our Amazon business without them. We’ve used several other tools over the years, but D8aDriven has been the only constant throughout that time.

– Gregg Eaton | Reynolds and Hefty Brands

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What makes us different from any other
Amazon tool on the market?

D8aDriven is built by former Amazon employees who managed the most complex businesses with Amazon’s largest suppliers, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, and many more.

We took the lessons learned while growing Vendors/Seller accounts and created the tools we wished we would have had.

On average, over the past 6 years, we’ve helped Amazon sellers deliver…

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Weekly executive
(The “WHAT” happened, and the “WHY”)

We gather millions of data points on your business and use AI to garner more intelligence insights.

Our business analytics allows you to manage your business on Amazon with detailed insights and SKU-level recommendations that effectively put your business on auto-pilot.

To-do list.
(The “WHAT” happened, and the “WHY”)

Weekly To-Do List with inventory recommendations, PO predictions, and custom action items prioritized to your business objectives and opportunities.

Make sure your inventory always stays in stock. D8aDriven predicts sales and inventory for 26 weeks with up to 98.7% accuracy.

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(Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance)

Each Amazon platform comes with its own reporting UI — and each UI comes with its own quirks.

Instead of getting intimately familiar with all these quirks, you can automatically pull data directly into your D8aDriven dashboard from as many sources as you need.

  • Gross & Net Revenue with Geography Breakdown
  • Forecasting & Inventory Planning
  • Supply Chain & Operational Performance
  • Customer Acquisition / Promotions & Marketing
  • Customer Engagement & Branding
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We can handle everything for you.

Ever wish someone at Amazon would just talk to you? Does the thought of opening one more ticket about your account make you want to scream?

Get help from a real person, not just support docs. Our team of experts is here to help. You’ll have a 30-minute weekly call with your account manager to get you started and keep you profitable.
Execution of ALL Amazon Activities.We can do the grunt work so you don’t have to. Let’s face it, getting things done on Amazon are time-consuming – don’t get bogged down in the minutia, let us handle it for you.
Execution of all Amazon marketing activities. Proprietary Amazon analytics software allows us to target deeper and broader while concurrently improving performance. D8aDriven gets access to beta advertising levers, and so do you.
Getting started is easy.

Schedule a demo today!
We have 2 more features up our sleeves which will absolutely blow your mind!

You're in good company.

Real brands. Real results.

Stew Lawrence | D8a Driven
Stew Lawrence, CEO

We have successfully accelerated our growth through our partnership with D8aDriven for many reasons with one example being our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the business as a result of their insights.

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Michael Kanter, CEO
Eliot’s Nut Butter

Without D8aDriven, we wouldn’t have an eCommerce channel.  They’ve helped us grow from a tiny unknown brand to a national brand that’s being acquired.

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Jim Chomas | D8a Driven
Jim Chomas, CEO
Willie's Remedy

We went with D8aDriven over several competitors because their platform is proven, and we like the analog between how their system works and how Amazon works.

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Used and loved by over 150+ leading brands in the US.
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