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We're data scientists, marketers, directors, strategists, and awkward dancers.

D8aDriven is an analytics platform built by former Amazon employees who managed the most complex businesses with Amazon’s largest suppliers, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, and many more.

We took the lessons learned while growing Vendors/Seller accounts and created a state of the art software we wished we would have had.

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A brand’s most valuable asset on Amazon is data. Accessing this data is insanely difficult because data is stored across hundreds of reports that most organizations just do not know exist or know how to access.

Even worse, all the reports are siloed and in different locations. Brands are always at a disadvantage when it comes to Amazon because they just aren’t able to access their data as easily as Amazon can.

D8aDriven helps brands automate their business on Amazon using data and deep machine learning.

Our Product

Ditch the spreadsheets. Transform siloed Amazon data into insights automatically.

Our services.

Ever wish someone at Amazon would just talk to you? Does the thought of opening one more ticket about your Amazon account make you want to scream? We can handle everything for you.

Our mission.
Our mission.
Our methodology.
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Samar Parikh.

Samar has held several leadership positions across Amazon and helped develop many of the tools brands use to manage their business on Amazon.

He led the engagement with the largest CPG, Healthcare, and Industrial companies and contributed to several billions of dollars of growth during his tenure at Amazon.

He currently also serves on the board of Binx health and Employer Healthcare Innovation Roundtable (EHIR).

Nater Youngchild.

Nater is a seasoned leader in eCommerce. Previously, Nater was the COO at Resolut Partners, a leading eCommerce consultancy that helped over 100 brands deliver over $500MM in growth on Amazon.

He was a Brand Manager and Operations Manager at Amazon prior to that.

He was also the CEO and co-founder of the first digital grocery delivery service in WA, Unit Genius, which was acquired by Replenium.

the team.

years together


leading brands as clients

Bhargava Vadapalli.

Bhargava is a customer-first, product, and technology leader with over 20 years of experience building software products/services.

At Microsoft, Bhargava held product leadership positions in Bing and Office365 divisions, helping Microsoft’s Enterprise, SMB, and consumer businesses.

Previously, Bhargava led parts of RealNetworks’s multi-tenant, multi-product technology platform. Bhargava holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana.

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