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Amazon Consulting
Get help from real people, not just support docs.
Who better to help you grow your Amazon business than the people who know Amazon inside and out?

Once upon a time, D8aDriven’s leadership team managed some of the most complex businesses with Amazon’s biggest suppliers, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, and many more. These former Amazon employees built many of the tools brands use on Amazon now.

Today, the D8aDriven team of data scientists, marketers, directors and experts helps businesses like yours thrive on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform as Amazon consultants and strategists.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about Amazon, digital media and ecommerce operations (spending seven years and millions of dollars) and created the tools and services we wished we would have had.

And now, they’re available to you, through our AI-powered data analytics platform and Amazon consulting services.

D8aDriven All Amazon Managment | D8a Driven
Used and loved by over 150+ leading brands in the US.
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What You Get
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Amazon Consulting Services + D8aDriven Analytics Platform

Why do we package our Amazon consultant service with our custom-built analytics software? Because general advice from an Amazon store consultant can only take you so far.

You’re still left guessing about what to do first to have the greatest impact on your bottom line.
Pairing our Amazon consulting services with the D8aDriven AI-powered analytics platform allows us (and you!) to see what’s really going on with your Amazon business.
We highlight what’s going well and call out what needs fixing so you can focus on what matters: increasing your profits.

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Weekly 30-Minute Consulting Call

You’ll have a 30-minute weekly call with a dedicated D8aDriven account manager to review your progress and keep you profitable. Your Amazon consultant will balance strategy, tactical support and teaching for both short and long-term results.
Weekly Executive Summaries
What’s happening with your Amazon business, and why? The D8aDriven platform gathers millions of data points on your businesses and uses AI to turn that data into insights you can actually put to use. It’s like having an AI Amazon business consultant! You can also review your executive summary with your human account manager.

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Tactical Support

The D8aDriven software platform provides weekly to-do lists with inventory recommendations, PO predictions, and custom action items prioritized to your business objectives. Your account manager can go over these items with you.

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Your account manager will make sure you’re up-to-date on any new features of the D8aDriven platform.

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Weekly To-Do Lists

Imagine starting work Monday morning and instead of spending hours digging through spreadsheets and trying to figure out what to do first, there’s a punch list of the highest priority items waiting for you.
The D8aDriven platform delivers a custom to-do list every week. It’s like having your own AI Amazon store consultant on call!

  • Make the most of your time by focusing on the highest impact items first
  • Identify what needs fixing & what’s performing well
  • Predict sales & inventory for 26 weeks with up to 98.7% accuracy
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Say goodbye to pulling information from 80 different tabs and a dozen different platforms. (You’re heartbroken, we know.)
D8aDriven pulls sales, marketing, operations and finance reporting into one dashboard. This helps you make smarter, data-informed decisions to grow your business. For extra support, you can review reports during your weekly call with your Amazon consultant.

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We’ll help you make sense of your data, and bring you the latest strategies we’re using to manage over $100MM of Amazon sales per year.

Does the thought of opening one more ticket about your Amazon account make you want to bang your head against the wall? Ever wish someone at Amazon would just talk to you?

Stop screaming into the void and call our team of Amazon consultants instead.

On average, over the past six years, we've helped Amazon sellers deliver...
D8aDriven results 18 | D8a Driven
D8aDriven results 46 | D8a Driven
D8aDriven results 75 | D8a Driven
D8aDriven results 77 | D8a Driven
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D8aDriven is for ambitious companies
that want to grow their Amazon business.

Large or Small Amazon Businesses

Our Amazon consultants help big companies grow on Amazon and small companies become national brands.
D8aDriven can help both large and small companies scale, get more done with fewer resources, and improve profitability. D8aDriven is used and loved by leading brands (150+ and counting) and small businesses alike.

Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central & Hybrid

Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central channels have their own benefits and trouble spots. Our Amazon consulting team has extensive experience with both models. We can also help you reap the benefits of both Seller and Vendor with a Hybrid model. Taking a hybrid approach allows you to maintain the hands-on control of a Seller Central channel while reaping the promotional benefits of a Vendor Central channel.
If you’d like to chat about the possibilities of a hybrid model, we’d be happy to cover that as part of your consultation.

So why should you listen to us, anyway?
Q Mark | D8a Driven
We’ve been with D8aDriven for 5 years now and we can’t even imagine managing our Amazon business without them. We’ve used several other tools over the years, but D8aDriven has been the only constant throughout that time.

– Gregg Eaton | Reynolds and Hefty Brands

RW HD 50sf v1 | D8a Driven
Stew Lawrence | D8a Driven
Stew Lawrence, CEO

We have successfully accelerated our growth through our partnership with D8aDriven for many reasons with one example being our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the business as a result of their insights.

cleanwell naturally powerful plant based | D8a Driven
Michael20Kanter edited | D8a Driven
Michael Kanter, CEO
Eliot’s Nut Butter

Without D8aDriven, we wouldn’t have an eCommerce channel.  They’ve helped us grow from a tiny unknown brand to a national brand that’s being acquired.

Logo 1 | D8a Driven
Jim Chomas | D8a Driven
Jim Chomas, CEO
Willie's Remedy

We went with D8aDriven over several competitors because their platform is proven, and we like the analog between how their system works and how Amazon works.

cropped Willies Remedy Logo TM CYBD 1 pn | D8a Driven
There’s an easier way to manage your Amazon business. Let’s get started.

Don’t wait to make your job easier. Book a free Amazon consulting session with us. We’ll chat about your challenges and opportunities, and see if our Amazon consulting + software package could be a good fit.

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