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How Amazon Sellers Can Get Ready for Cyber Monday

According to the National Retail Federation, November and December account for approximately 19% of all retail sales, and the bulk of those sales occur between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Last year, many of the country’s biggest department stores shut down during this crucial period to discourage long lines and large gatherings of people during the pandemic. That shutdown shifted most of the shopping craze to ecommerce sites, chiefly Amazon, which benefited by providing remote sales to customers.

b4d258 f485839aab0d49038cc631f10aeb1424mv2 | D8a DrivenWhile department stores will be open for holiday shopping this year, there is no doubt that Amazon will again get a tremendous volume of business over the weekend that Christmas shopping traditionally starts. These tips will help you prepare for the quickly approaching holiday season if you are an Amazon seller.

Analyze Past Sales Data

In 2019, Amazon saw incredible success, thanks to Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales. For Amazon Sellers looking to prepare for the upcoming shopping season, you should analyze that year and others like it to determine what made it such a success.

For instance, consider which products sellers offered at discounted prices and which products sold the most. There may have been several keywords that brought in heavy traffic, and you should use these keywords to your advantage when listing your products.

Don’t forget to look back at your inventory during those busy periods. Determine whether you were overstocked or understocked and consider which products customers returned most frequently. You might improve your sales by examining negative feedback you received and addressing issues that you left unaddressed at the time.

Offer Great Deals and Great Prices

The number one factor contributing to Black Friday and Cyber Monday success is pricing and promotions. You’ll need to price your top-selling products at competitive rates if you want to achieve the highest sales volume. You might want to offer free shipping over that weekend because free shipping strongly appeals to most shoppers.

People look for bargains and deals on Cyber Monday, and free shipping is an added touch that can turn the tides in your favor, especially if your primary online store competitors have shipping costs. You are more than likely to make up for those free shipping costs, thanks to higher customer numbers and more sales.

Sell Top Promotions Early

Seasonal shoppers start looking for holiday, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday deals as soon as November starts, well before the weekend in question even arrives. You can get a jump on everyone else by offering an early-season sale. This holiday sale will increase your visibility dramatically.

However, if you want your early-season deals to be as effective as possible, you need to market them! Utilize marketing strategies, like email campaigns, gift guides, and social media posts, to spread the word about your deals. Email marketing campaigns are especially effective, as you can send your deals directly to your previous customers’ inboxes. They purchased your products before, so they’re likely to be interested in whatever deals you have to offer.

Once you rope in a customer with your early holiday deals, encourage them to return for even more bargains on Cyber Monday because they will assume that the promotions you’re offering now are minor compared to what you will deliver over the big weekend.

You’ll also benefit by having less competition early in November before everyone else starts offering bargains and promotions. Some shoppers look for early-season deals to make sure they don’t miss out on hot items.

Update Product Listings

b4d258 35c078ab211a49e098cee56870d356a4mv2 | D8a DrivenSearch engines and their algorithms constantly change and update; Amazon is no exception. You should update your product listings accordingly to optimize them for Amazon’s algorithm changes better. Optimization is crucial if you want your product to land on the first search engine results page (SERP). If you haven’t updated your listings in a while, your competitors may leave you in their dust.

Incorporate key phrases, such as “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” “Amazon,” and “Christmas.” While you’re at it, you should also update any imagery associated with your products because images and videos appeal to most online shoppers.

Check Your Customer Service Process

There is no question that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are extraordinarily hectic, and you can almost always count on something going wrong. You should establish a process for handling problems as soon as they occur.

For instance, you should have a routine in mind for dealing with late orders, customer complaints, and any issues related to your inventory. Everyone on your selling team should be trained and briefed on how to carry out these customer service procedures so that you can maximize sales and service on this critical weekend.

Improve Your Performance Metrics

Even if you had universally positive feedback from last year’s sales, you can always continue to improve. Great reviews are priceless if you want to attract new customers and persuade them into purchasing your products.

Go to your Seller Feedback page, reach out to your customers, and encourage them to leave reviews. They may leave negative reviews, but if you consistently provide great customer service and high-quality products, you should receive more positive than negative feedback.

Review your previous testimonials and customer feedback to find out which products garnered universally positive reviews and which ones did not. You may want to consider removing products that were poorly reviewed from your sales weekend, and conversely, promote your positively reviewed items even more. Whatever you can do to polish up your image will contribute significantly to your success on Cyber Monday.

Make Sure Amazon Has Appropriate Inventory Levels

Make sure Amazon has appropriate inventory levels to account for the sales crunch that comes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This period often sees an increase in sales that is two to three times greater than any other comparable period. You don’t want to be understocked during this crucial sales time. You could miss out on potential sales if there isn’t enough inventory to meet the demand.

Make sure Amazon has enough inventory to last you through January to avoid the possibility of high unfulfilled order volume. At this crucial sales period, you’ll want to have the inventory on hand to manage the crazy demands that occur on Cyber Monday.

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