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Optimize your Amazon marketing
strategy with D8aDriven.

Get better results from your Amazon marketing efforts in less time with AI-driven data insights.
D8aDriven offers AI-powered Amazon marketing tools that can help you boost your efforts and create a winning Amazon marketing strategy.

With thousands of businesses trying to sell on Amazon, you need to seize market opportunity and set your Amazon business apart from the competition. D8aDriven can help.

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Not using Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) yet?
Here’s a quick primer.

Amazon PPC allows you to run ads on Amazon and only pay when a shopper clicks on one. You can use PPC ads to boost the visibility of specific products or your Amazon store. Like other types of PPC campaigns, the cost of the ads will vary depending on how many sellers want to run them for a certain category or product. The more sellers there are competing for a certain ad placement, the more expensive that ad will be per click. In order to get a step up on your competition and get the most from your ad spend, you need effective Amazon PPC optimization.
That’s where D8aDriven can help.

Types of Amazon Ads
There are three different types of ads on Amazon: Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products.

Sponsored Display Ads

Send shoppers to the product detail pages on your store. These ads can appear both on Amazon and on external sites to shoppers who have visited related products on Amazon.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Long-term success on Amazon relies on building your brand. Sponsored Brand Ads help build brand awareness by promoting your logo, a custom headline, and as many as three products within the ad. You can set up your Sponsored Brand Ads to send shoppers to either a custom landing page or your store page.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads allow you to promote specific products within the search results on Amazon and on the product detail pages. These are ASIN and keyword-targeted ads that are very similar to Google Adwords, and are the most popular type of Amazon PPC ads. They allow for instant impact, so you don’t have to wait for things to happen organically.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore your organic efforts and rely only on product ads. A mediocre or poor listing may get clicks due to ad placements, but won’t convert as well as it should. A combination of paid and organic efforts is the way to win on Amazon, and D8aDriven can help you find these opportunities.

Sponsored Brand Video

Sponsored Brand Video is a newer type of Sponsored Brand Ad campaign that can help you catch the eye of shoppers as they scroll through Amazon. You can use a Sponsored Brand Video to demo a product and educate buyers about the key features and benefits. These video ads run without sound by default, and should be about 15–30 seconds long—they’re all about making a point fast and grabbing a click.

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How can the D8aDriven platform help you blow up
your brand on Amazon?

D8aDriven offers all the Amazon marketing tools you need in an eCommerce optimization platform. You get advanced data analytics all in one place, but even more importantly—the AI-informed insights to know how to turn that information into an actionable market strategy.

ASIN Category Rank With ASIN category rank, you’ll never be in the dark about how your listings are performing. You’ll understand how your listings perform over time with weekly reports, so you can spot trends and know how best to allocate your time, ad budget and optimization efforts. By assessing the data, you are going to be able to pick up on any trends that can help you to optimize your listings effectively so that you can start seeing better results on Amazon.

ASIN Ad Performance

Another key feature of our Amazon PPC suite of tools is the ASIN Ad Performance solution. You’ll have everything you need to know about your product ad performance all in one place: sales, orders, RoAS, ACoS, budget, conversion rate and more. Manage daily budgets and each ad campaign with the tools at your disposal to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

ASIN Ad Performance

Long-term success on Amazon relies on building your brand. Sponsored Brand Ads help build brand awareness by promoting your logo, a custom headline, and as many as three products within the ad. You can set up your Sponsored Brand Ads to send shoppers to either a custom landing page or your store page.

ASIN-Level Profitability

Not every product worth selling is worth selling on Amazon. Whether it’s too much competition, low profit margins or frequent shipping damages, there are some products that aren’t profitable enough (or even profitable at all). But with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of products to manage on your Amazon store, they’re not always easy to spot.
D8aDriven shows you at a glance which products are the most profitable and which are actually costing you to sell. You can do all of this without having to dig through reports manually, which can take a lot of time and may result in you missing important information.

Instead, with our powerful and effective software, you are going to be able to find all of the ideal opportunities to scale your business and take it to the next level while also managing your ad budget efficiently at the same time.

By exploring the inner workings of your profit, you can understand what areas of your Amazon store are the most profitable and which areas are simply draining your funds so that you can make the required improvements.

Customer Engagement Tools

Selling a one-off product is all well and good, but long-term success on Amazon requires building your brand and customer base. Customer engagement is critical. Engaged customers tend to buy more, leave valuable reviews, and recommend you to others. No matter how high-tech marketing tactics get, a personal recommendation is still the gold standard. A passionate customer base also helps keep you out of the pricing wars.

But how do you know how you’re performing in terms of customer engagement? D8aDriven’s AI-powered insights can help. With D8aDriven, you can keep an eye on your review health and understand how customers are feeling about your products and brand. You can also gain deep insights into all parts of the buying process so you can start improving your engagement rates.

D8aDriven can help you with more than Amazon marketing.

The last thing you need is one more Amazon analytics tool that only does one thing. You have enough tabs and spreadsheets open as it is!
D8aDriven pulls Marketing, Sales and Operations all into one easy-to-use dashboard so you can work smarter and faster every day. It takes the tedious data collection you dread and puts it on autopilot so you can focus on making better decisions for your business and prioritizing the tasks that will have the most impact.

Q Mark | D8a Driven
We’ve been with D8aDriven for 5 years now and we can’t even imagine managing our Amazon business without them. We’ve used several other tools over the years, but D8aDriven has been the only constant throughout that time.

– Gregg Eaton | Reynolds and Hefty Brands

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Used and loved by over 150+ leading brands in the US.
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Getting started is easy.

Sign up for a free demo of D8aDriven Amazon marketing software. You can let us know what you most need help with in terms of your Amazon PPC and marketing efforts, and we’ll see if D8aDriven could be a good fit for you.

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