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Discover a better way to manage your Amazon business with optimization and sales operations tools from D8aDriven.

Get better results with a smaller team. Stay agile and grow faster with the power of AI.
When it comes to running your Amazon store, there’s always too much to do in too little time...and too few people to do the work.

Where should you even start?
D8aDriven’s AI-powered insights can answer that for you.

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How can the D8aDriven software platform help you optimize your business on Amazon?
Prioritize High-Impact Tasks

D8aDriven Amazon Sales Operation Tools delivers a weekly to-do list so you can focus on the items that will have the biggest impact first. Our powerful AI-based software uses data and analysis to carry out an Amazon listing audit and prioritize the items that need the greatest level of attention in order to have the maximum impact.
You will be able to make swift and informed decisions regarding the products to concentrate on and the changes to implement quickly. This will help you to improve your sales levels and enhance your bottom line.
The to-dos are detailed as well, so you don’t have to waste time trying to narrow down areas of improvement. For example, “optimize your Amazon listings” isn’t helpful. D8aDriven will tell you which products to focus on, and which specific parts of the listing to focus on: product titles, images, features and/or images. These are time-intensive tasks, so you want to be sure you’re focusing on what will produce the most immediate or largest increase in ROI.
If you’d rather outsource these tasks, we do offer a step-up Software + Service option that gives you access to our team of Amazon specialists. We can do everything from specific tasks all the way up to running your entire Amazon business for you. Contact us to learn more!

Team Collaboration

Not only can we make sure that you are focusing on the right areas of your Amazon store, but our solution delivers effective team collaboration as well.
When you choose D8a Driven as your Amazon Sales Operations Platform, you have a flexible and scalable solution with everything you need to ensure your team members can communicate well, share information, and make decisions.
From live chat to quick search features, we have integrated all of the different elements needed to empower your team to complete their tasks and work together in a more efficient workflow.

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Prioritize High-Impact Tasks

Track the performance of your team members with ease! After all, if your team is working well, your business is going to perform well, too.
On the flip side, if there are troubles in terms of team performance, you will be able to get to the bottom of the problem so you can put it right and ensure your business does not suffer.
With our Amazon sales operations tools, it is easy to see if work is suffering because someone has too much on their plate or deadlines are being missed. Either way, you can be sure that these issues will not continue to happen behind the scenes, causing further problems for your business.

D8aDriven can help you with more than Amazon operations and sales.

The last thing you need is one more Amazon management tool that only does one thing. You have enough tabs and spreadsheets open as it is!

D8aDriven pulls Marketing, Sales and Operations all into one easy-to-use dashboard so you can work smarter and faster every day. It takes the tedious data collection you hate and puts it on autopilot so you can focus on making better decisions for your business and prioritizing the tasks that will deliver the strongest ROI.

We have successfully accelerated our growth through our partnership with D8aDriven

for many reasons with one example is our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the business as a result of their insights.

Even though our business has grown significantly in the past three years, our team has stayed constant, because the tools and prioritization that D8aDriven provides allows us to do everything we need with a lean team.

Stew Lawrence | D8a Driven

Stew Lawrence, CEO


Used and loved by over 150+ leading brands in the US.
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Getting started is easy.

Our Amazon inventory management and supply chain optimization tools give you everything you need to manage your supply chain effectively. Find out if D8aDriven could be the right fit for your Amazon business by scheduling a free demo.

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