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Get all the Amazon Seller tools you
need in a single platform.
D8aDriven is the only AI-powered Amazon analytics
platform that tells you exactly what to do to sell more on Amazon.
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You already know that Amazon is the number one
ecommerce platform for online retailers today.

Still, it’s hard to grasp just how big Amazon is. There are over 18 orders per second on Amazon, equating to 66,000 orders per hour. That’s a ton of opportunity for Amazon sellers. But there’s a ton of competition, too. There are 2.3 million active sellers on Amazon, all trying to get a piece of the pie. If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to do everything in your power to stand out. Take advantage of our AI-driven Amazon Seller 3rd Party Software and turn your Amazon operations into an Amazon selling machine! You will be able to leverage state-of-the-art Amazon seller central management software that enables you to take care of everything in one place.

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Wish granted.
D8aDriven delivers weekly executive summaries and to-do lists so you know what’s happening with your Amazon store and what to do about it. The to-do lists prioritize the highest-impact items that will have the most immediate or significant impact on your ROI.
There’s never enough time to do everything on Amazon, so prioritize the tasks that matter most!
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Our third-party Amazon software enables your supply chain to flow without interruption.

supplychain | D8a Driven

Managing a supply chain is no easy feat. After all, there are so many pieces that come together to ensure everything works like clockwork.
With our Amazon eCommerce software, we give you full visibility of your supply chain so that you can easily make the best decisions for your business.
Make Informed Decisions Using Amazon Sales Data
You will be able to view a breakdown of your revenue, from the topmost level down to the SKU level. This will give you the ability to determine where your real profits are coming from so that you can make the best decisions going forward.

out of stock | D8a Driven

Don’t Run Out of Stock

Efficient inventory and order management are critical in terms of your bottom line no matter what kind of ecommerce business you run. But if you run out of stock on Amazon, it can result not only in lost sales, but in the loss of your hard-won listings and Buy Buttons. Stock that sits for over 6 months in Amazon’s warehouses is subject to monthly LTS fees, on top of the usual costs associated with dead stock and spoilage.
Prevent inventory problems with the Amazon inventory management software that we have available at D8a Driven. With our platform, you can use powerful AI technology to predict stock levels and sales for a period of up to 26 weeks, with accuracy levels at an incredible 98.7 percent!

inventory forecasting | D8a Driven

Forecast Future Inventory Needs

D8aDriven’s AI factors in not only your historical shipments, but consumer behavior trends including Prime Day, holidays and search trends.

Collaborate with your team more effectively and enjoy greater control.
Another benefit of using our software for your Amazon store management is improved visibility over your operations, which leads to better control and collaboration
team coordination | D8a Driven

Team Collaboration

We know just how critical it is for modern businesses to perfect their collaboration efforts. If your workers (whether in-office or remotely) cannot work together in an efficient manner, optimal productivity is not possible. With D8aDriven, you can expect a great range of flexible tools that enable employees to collaborate with greater ease.

team performance | D8a Driven

Boost Team Performance

Our software also gives you an extra set of eyes in terms of how your team is performing. You will be able to determine who is able to handle their workload efficiently and who may have too much on their plate. Get to the bottom of where the friction is coming from so that your workforce can collaborate with greater ease.

priority | D8a Driven

Focus on High-Impact Tasks First

Finally, our software is designed to help you deal with the most pressing issues first so that your team can enjoy the most success.

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