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Make sure your inventory always stays in stock with
D8aDriven Amazon inventory management software.

Amazon supply chain management made easy. D8aDriven predicts sales and inventory for 26 weeks with up to 98.7% accuracy.
Prime Day can make predicting your inventory needs tricky.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for any length of time, you know that it has logistical and supply chain management challenges that are unique from other kinds of eCommerce businesses. Running out of stock not only results in disappointed customers (and an opportunity for your competitors to edge you out), but can result in the loss of hard-won rankings and seller benefits. Variables like Prime Day can make predicting your inventory needs tricky.

Simply put, Amazon is too competitive to let logistics issues get in the way of your success.

D8aDriven AI-powered software takes the guesswork, tedious manual analysis and human error out of your Amazon supply chain management. Developed by former Amazon employees who helped manage some of the largest brands on the platform, D8aDriven is all about helping you sell more products while tracking inventory levels.

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How can D8aDriven supply chain management software help your Amazon business?

D8aDriven offers all the Amazon marketing tools you need in an eCommerce optimization platform. You get advanced data analytics all in one place, but even more importantly—the AI-informed insights to know how to turn that information into an actionable market strategy.

SKU Level Sales Data

Find out where your real profits are! D8aDriven breaks down sales data from the top level all the way down to the SKU level.
With the sales data, you will be able to extract from our Amazon software, you can figure out which products are the most popular, as well as getting insights into days and times whereby sales are more likely. You can use this to perfect your campaign and ensure more sales in the future.

Inventory Forecasting

D8aDriven uses powerful AI technology to predict inventory and sales for 26 weeks with up to 98.7% accuracy! The inventory forecasting tool combines your historical shipments with consumer behavior data (search trends, holidays, Prime Day, seasonality, product attributes) to reach this level of accuracy. You can grow and stay agile without the burden of tedious manual analysis.

Reducing Out-of-Stock Risk

Going out of stock on a product can result in far more than disappointed customers and the immediate loss of sales. Your hard-won rankings can take a hit if you have too many out-of-stock items—Amazon doesn’t want to frustrate customers with search results filled with unavailable products. You can even lose the coveted Buy Box, which can take weeks or months of effort to achieve.
As former Amazon employees, the developers of D8aDriven know the impact of low stock levels and out-of-stocks on an Amazon business. That’s why the D8aDriven Amazon inventory management system is designed to minimize these risks, with 98.7% accurate Amazon inventory predictions for 26 weeks.

Avoiding Spoilage, Dead Stock & Storage Fees

While you don’t want to run out of stock, there are consequences on the flip side too.
Even if your products aren’t subject to spoilage, products that sit too long (dead stock) stall revenue and increase your carrying and storage costs. If you participate in the Fulfillment By Amazon program, you’ll be charged Amazon long term storage (LTS) fees for every item in stock for 6 months or greater on the 15th of every month. FBA inventory management software is a must.
There’s no need to lose money this way on Amazon LTS fees. D8aDriven’s supply chain tools can help you avoid wasted product and fees with weekly inventory recommendations. This can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run by helping you to run your business as efficiently as possible.

D8aDriven can help you with more than Amazon supply chain management.

The last thing you need is one more Amazon analytics tool that only does one thing. You have enough tabs and spreadsheets open as it is!

D8aDriven pulls Marketing, Sales and Operations all into one easy-to-use dashboard so you can work smarter and faster every day. No more tedious data collection that takes hours! D7aDriven puts your data analysis on autopilot so you can make informed decisions and focus on tasks that will create the most ROI.

Getting started is easy.

Our Amazon inventory management and supply chain optimization tools give you everything you need to manage your supply chain effectively. Find out if D8aDriven could be the right fit for your Amazon business by scheduling a free demo.

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