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Generate greater results with a smaller
team using our expert service.

Most companies offer either software tools or expertise. We offer both.
Why recruit, hire, and train when you could instantly get your own Amazon management team?
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Get help from a real person, not just
support docs.

Our team of experts is here to help. You’ll have a 30-minute weekly call with your account manager to get you started and keep you profitable.

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Training. Your account manager won’t let you miss the new features we add to the dashboard quite often.

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Strategy. We will help you make sense of your data, and bring the latest strategies that we’re using to manage over $100MM of Amazon sales per year and put them to use inside your business.

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Tactical support. Weekly To-Do lists with inventory recommendations, PO predictions and custom action items prioritized to your business objectives and opportunities.

Amazon Marketing Management
(Execution & Optimization)

We target thousands of keywords, categories, and products deep and create permutations across all available vehicles, creating thousands of optimized campaigns over time. 

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Full setup of initial and follow up campaigns based on product data, adjacent categories, and competitors + integration of historic campaigns.

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Hourly / Daily / Weekly optimizations across entire campaign portfolio based on performance, bids, and changing market conditions.

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Proprietary analytics allows us to target deeper and broader while concurrently improving performance.

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Seize market opportunity with AI-driven data insights.

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shelf | D8a Driven

Digital Shelf Strategy – Develop the go-to-market strategy that fits your catalog and business priorities.
We optimize your catalog to acquire and retain customers while maximizing sales and profit.

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Advertising Strategy – Find the right customers at the right time, and only pay when you have to.
Our advertising tools empower us to build strategies around the particular paths that customers take to your products and fine-tunes the right time and place to approach them.

Our advertising strategy services maximize your budgets to desired results, including not cannibalizing organic sales.

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Operations Strategy – Optimize your supply chain in line with Amazon KPIs.
Our operations strategy services empower your business to focus on the supply chain metrics that the Amazon algorithms care about.

We optimize based on the operational realities that your business has.

Every business has different safety stock capabilities, lead times, production nuances, dropship, and full truckload preferences, etc.

We fit your operational realities into the maximized operations strategy for Amazon’s hands off the wheel automation.

Getting started is easy.
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