Tripling Sales for non-Essentials During COVID Lockdown

It is far from business as usual for most Sellers and Vendors on Amazon, despite: 

  1. Hiring over 100,000 new warehouse associates

  2. Announcing that they will hire an additional 75,000

  3. Starting to loosen the restrictions on non-essential products 

For many brands, this is even more problematic since their offline sales have dropped off significantly. So there's a mad scramble to find a way to recapture Amazon sales and stave off the loss of B&M orders. D8aDriven helped our client Fisherman’s World triple their sales on Amazon within 2 weeks after the COVID lockdown despite them being a non-essential category. They are now doing more business on Amazon now than they were doing pre-COVID on Amazon and offline combined.  Do you need help recapturing sales when you can’t send inventory to Amazon? Have your brick and mortar orders dropped and created a cash flow nightmare? Are you seeking ways to grow your business during these tough times? Do you want to learn how to minimize the negative impact of COVID to your business? Let's talk, we may be able to help: 


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